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Ordnance Procurer

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  • Character Name:
  • Type: Ordnance Procurer
  • Gender/Species:
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • A Quote: "Ok, let me see, here. Today, we have a dozen blaster carabines, KDY heavy-weapons power converter, and Moff Balfour's undergarments (chuckle). Sorry, little joke. We don't have the power converter."
  • Physical Description:
  • Dexterity 2D
  • Blaster
  • Blaster artillery
  • Dodge
  • Vehicle blasters
  • Perception 4D
  • Bargain
  • Con
  • Forgery
  • Hide
  • Persuasion
  • Sneak
  • Knowledge 2D+2
  • Bureaucracy
  • Business
  • Languages
  • Streetwise
  • Value
  • Strength 2D+1
  • Brawling
  • Lifting
  • Stamina
  • Mechanical 3D
  • Astrogation
  • Hover vehicle operation
  • Repulsorlift operation
  • Space transports
  • Technical 4D
  • Armor repair
  • Blaster repair
  • Computer programming/repair
  • Droid repair
  • Ground vehicle repair
  • Repulsorlift repair
  • Walker repair
  • Special Abilities
  • none
  • Move 10
  • Force Sensitive?
  • Force Points
  • Dark Side Points
  • Character Points,

Equipment: Alliance uniform (others when needed), heavy blaster pistol (5D), medpac, comlink, vibroblade (STR+2D), electronics diagnostic kit, micro-tool pack, 700 credits

Background: The starfighters, power cells, and foodpacs which make the Rebellion function don't just spring into being, you know. Somebody has to go out and get them. The Alliance has thousands of supply sources, to be sure, and not one of them is conventional. You are one of the Alliance's roving ordnance procurers. Your job is to accompany Rebel strike teams on their missions, and liberate whatever you can without endangering the mission. You've come back with TIE fighters, sacks full of blasters, Imperial uniforms (even some without blaster burns on them), and once, the pampered pet of a Moff.

Personality: You enjoy your work. You get to loot and steal and no one minds at all (with the possible exception of the Imperials, but they don't really count). You like to leave little calling cards when you take something particularly valuable, a sort of signature that you hope the Imperials will one day recognize widely...

Objectives: To steal an Imperial shuttle, with the Emperor still in it. Okay, okay... you realize that this is an unrealistic goa, and probably more than a little suicidal, but it sure sounds great in the tapcafe over a few mugs of lum...

Connection With Characters:

Source: Heroes and Rogues pg 104

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